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Renovacion de asfalto
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of Asphalts and Pavements

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"Asphalt restoration, sports court floors, rubber floors are our  specialties. We repair your asphalt and seal it again to extend the useful life of your surfaceasphalt".

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"Asphalt sealing is a matter of professionals, we use first-line asphalt products to root out the flow of water currents inside the asphalt layer that do a lot of damage to your parking lot"  

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"We plan for your parking lot or parking lot a very useful asphalt sealing preventive maintenance that extends the life of the road or parking lotavoiding him investments as expensive as a construction projectresurfaced"

Advantages of giving preventive maintenance to your asphalt.

The useful life of an asphalt if the design is conservative is 10 to 12 years Asphalt repair and asphalt sealing is the best alternative to preserve, maintain, make it look like new and extend the duration of a parking lot or road, asphalt pavement. As time goes by, little or a lot of traffic, ultraviolet rays, chemical changes from rain and a variety of substances that influence and cause deterioration of the asphalt surface.


Therefore, the purpose of the sealing layer is to protect the asphalt pavement and beautify the contour and at the same time. extend the useful life of one of our pavement as much as we want and avoid investing in projects as costly as asphalting.

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Remodeling sports surfaces 

pavement repair. Within the different applications that they have in pavements or floors in the market, the rubber on asphalt pavements, is a material  used for the sports floors as courts, running tracks because they allow an excellent performance of athletes or as people's transit. They are used for multiple courts, coliseums, martial arts halls, gyms,  inclusive, there are roll rubber floors for dressing rooms, since they are training and warm-up areas that require flexibility, resilience and subjection, as well as resistance to abrasion and compression. 

Our company also specializes in everything that has to do with paving sealing and restoration. 

Cubierta de techos  en  Puerto Rico
Cubierta de techos  en  Puerto Rico
Cubierta de techos  en  Puerto Rico

Repairing asphalt is our specialty.

We plan preventive maintenance to protect your pavement from the oxidation or constant aging of its surface to extend its useful life as much as we want.

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